Details of Mahogany Stained Doll Bed 

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 NOTE: Please be aware that these products are "hand painted" and thus no two items with be exactly alike. Therefore, you may see minor variations in the actual product you receive. Even the color tint of your product may differ slightly although the same colors are used on each piece.  

Mahogany Stained Doll Bed

(SKU # Nicole)

The doll blanket is reversible with a cinnomon light green and off-white toile pattern on one side and a cinnomon pattern on the reverse. A matching lace trimmed pillow and a mattress made from soft, off-white flannel complete this set.

  • Bed is made from solid pine
  • Bed measures approximately               13.5"W x 16"H x 25"D
  • All paint is safe and non-toxic